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Year 9 P1 Lesson 1 Kinetic theory and changes of state. P1 Lesson 2 Energy transfers, Sankey diagrams and Efficiency.

Learning outcomesEdit

Recall that the boiling point is the temperature at which a liquid turns to a gas

Describe the shape of graphs showing liquids being heated to boiling

Explain the flat sections of heating curves by use of a particle model

Select appropriate graphs for data

Construct graphs accurately Detailed learning outcomes for HSW skills should be taken from the from the Presenting Data level descriptors

HSW Skill Area: Presenting DataEdit

Starter ActivitiesEdit

  • Starter activity - choice of graph (print first 4 slides onto single A4 and provide to groups). Slide 5 on board to prompt discussion. File:Choice of graph.ppt
  • Worksheets exploring correct choices of graph type (bar, pie and line) for extension

Activities to introduce new ideasEdit

Activities to practice applying new knowledgeEdit

  • Ask students to present a poster that explains what happens to 1) The temperature and 2) The particles of a liquid when they boil.

Practical activitiesEdit


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Class practicalsEdit

  • Place boiling tubes of ethanol into large beaker of very hot water from the kettle and record temperature of ethanol immediately and then every 20s for 5 mins. Ensure no naked flames in the room. Take precautions over the use of hot water. Keep room ventilated and remove ethanol from hot water after 5 mins. Risks very similar to "testing leaves for starch". Students can record temperature every 20s in table. Should be encouraged to design their own table. Some students may require axes to be provided. More able groups may be able to plot results as they go along.

Plenary ActivitiesEdit

  • A worksheet for practicing making the correct choice of graph.


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Common MisconceptionsEdit

  • Boiling liquids get hotter the longer you heat them
  • Line graphs are always the best type of graph to draw
  • Bar graphs are easier to draw than line graphs